an aliasing service for Bitcoin user.
What exactly is BTCnames?
It is a free naming/aliasing service for Bitcoin users. It gives them the opportunity to replace the long Deposit hash with a short, self chosen string. The idea behind BTCnames is to simplify shop/marketing integration of commercial Bitcoin users and to simplify daily usage for everybody who uses Bitcoins.
Does it risks the anonymity Bitcoin offers?
No, aside from the values you enter with adding a name and two timestamps (added and last resolved), there are no extra information saved. Additionally your name and your password are hashed with salt using the whirlpool algorithm.
Are there any limitations of names to be used?
No. As all names are hashed with whirlpool, the theoretical maximum is double as all BTC hashes. So if all BTC hashes are linked to one user and every user wants to use this service, everybody gets two.
Why do I need a password?
The password give you the ability to delete your entry.
How can I delete an entry?
Use this form: Delete
Why does this site looks so crappy?
As there is no webdesigner working on it. Do you want to? Mail us. team [at]
Can I integrate the BTCnames API into my webapp/software?
Yes, you can and you are asked to do so. Read the developer FAQ for more info.
I have further questions.
Send us a mail. team [at]